Monday, July 18, 2011

Prenatal Yoga

My doctor told me that yoga, swimming, and pilates are the best exercises for pregnant mommies. Although I have not given up on my weekly circuit class at Circuit Works in Brentwood (, I decided to google "Prenatal Yoga". I handful of yoga studios popped up in my search but how to did I know which one to choose? It came down to class times. I needed a classes either before or after work, and Two Hearts Yoga ( was the nearest yoga studio that had class times I could attend.
I was so nervous going to my first class I had no idea what to expect and Lord knows I'm not flexible, at all. But as a I pulled into the parking lot I saw a handful of pregnant bellies walking up the stairs to the Yoga Studio and at that moment I knew I was not alone. In my first class there were 10 women all at different stages in their pregnancy. Before we began, each women said her name and how far along she was. This was a really comfortable feeling- there were mommies 30 weeks along, as well as newbies like myself. The instructor was amazing- when I left the Yoga studio I felt like I had just given myself a massage. My tension was gone and I was breathing better.
I LOVE Two Hearts Yoga and can't wait for my next session!

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