Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Career Most Colleges DON'T Tell You About

At the age of 17 I applied for college with the dream of becoming a school counselor. My major of choice- Psychology. Half way through my college career I heard of the major "Human Services." Human Services offered tracks in school counseling, social work, teaching, or geriatrics. I decided to change my major from Psychology to Human Services emphasizing in school counseling (of course!) I wanted to make a difference in the lives of children.
A friend of mine, who graduated two years ahead of me, with a teaching credential came back to campus, and told me she was a nanny. I said, "You do what?" She proceeded to tell me all about her amazing new live-in nanny position, job details, salary, ect. I was blown away! No one on campus- teachers, students, coaches, administration- NO ONE talk about becoming a professional nanny.
The moral to the story is Child Development, Psychology, Early Childhood Education, Human Services, Teachers, and college student with a degree in a related field need to be educated on ALL their job options after college.
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