Monday, June 21, 2010

Interview Tip #1 from VIP Nannies Inc., Household Staffing

For the next few days, we will be providing daily tips for nannies and household employee's, when it comes to the interview process...

"You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression."

TIP #1 "Appearance"

  • You are a nanny. Dress like one! Slacks with a nice blouse, a knee-length dress, clean closed-toe shoes. Remember (depending upon the age of the kids, you may want to get down on the floor and play). Keep it modest, simple, and clean.
  • Presentation. Always arrive fresh, clean, and well put together. People notice details, make sure your hair is clean, brushed, finger nails are clean and groomed.
  • Do not wear acrylic nails.
  • Do not wear perfume or scented lotions. Many people have allergies to these products.
  • Do not heels over 2 inches or flip-flops.
  • Cover any visible tattoos.
TIP #2, coming tomorrow...

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