Tuesday, July 9, 2013

3 Tips for Successfully Traveling With Your Nanny

It’s that time of year again! Your children are out of school, and vacation plans are in the making. Whether you are going on a road trip or a plane across the pond, it’s always a challenge to make sure that everyone has a positive travel experience, expectations are set, and you have prepared for every little hiccup in your adventure.
 If your nanny is traveling with you or you plan to hire a "travel nanny," it’s important that you communicate with your her.
Three keys to a successful trip are:                    
1)    Planning and preparing in advance.                                

2)    Being clear about expectations.
3)    Setting boundaries.

First Start by asking yourself some key questions: What are my childcare needs? How many hours a day will I need assistance? What expectations do I have for the nanny during the trip?
Second make sure you have done your financial planning ahead of time. This is pivotal so that no one is surprised or disappointed when you are on the trip or after you have returned home. Typically the family covers transportation, lodging, meals and required activities, while the nanny is responsible for personal expenses (souvenirs, expenses when not on duty, etc.).
Open communication with regards to every aspect of the trip is essential.  Will you require the nanny to dress any certain way? Did you inform her of the sleeping accommodations, special activities and responsibilities? This open venue for communication is especially important if she is a live-out nanny that you previously haven’t been in such close quarters with.
An important thing to keep in mind is that this is your vacation, not the nanny’s and that while you want them to leave with happy memories, it is still important to maintain a professional interaction.

Planning can also be important when it comes to preparing your children.  With an equal balance of interactive activities, paired with downtime, children can be seasoned travelers. Make sure you research heavily before hand to get to know your destination’s advantages and disadvantages. This will help when you are planning clothing and activities. Have your nanny pack bags with the children making sure they bring their favorite stuffy, travel games, and snacks.
Most importantly be open to flexibility. Traveling together can be a memorable experience for everyone!

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