Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fubbles! The Best Bubbles for Kids of all ages!

We’ve all loved bubbles since we were little. When Chase was born, I of course turned to everyone’s old friend- bubbles!

Some work well and some fall flat, but how can you know the difference before you’ve bought them and wasted your money?

After a long search I can say confidently that I have found the perfect bubbles for every bubble lover out there!  Since playing with bubbles is one of my son’s favorite things to do, I decided to stop into a boutique toy store in the mall to get some professional input. After asking the sales girl what the best bubbles available out there were, she answered, “all of them are great!  I mean, no one has ever complained or returned them.”  My first thought was, “Who would return bubbles?” and “Clearly you don't know bubbles!“   I purchased 3 different versions that day; Nick Jr. Backyardigan's bubbles (which were terrible), a brand I can’t remember the name
(it was that bad) they came out like thick goo, they made good bubbles however they were alarmingly difficult to pop.  Last, and our hands down winner of the bubble search, FUBBLES!

Chase loves them, especially the bubble blaster!

 Reviews for Fubbles are incredible! One customer said “I bought this as a birthday present for my 2 year old neighbor. The first time he used it he turned it completely upside down and still didn't spill it. His parents love it because he can carry it around the house without worrying he is going to spill the bubbles all over. “

Their refills are Easy-to-grip and have a sleek bottle shape. It is unspillable!

The hand held bubble containers are great too! The Wand snaps into cap so there is no more losing or "fishing" in bottle. Their premium bubble solution is no stain, has no dyes, AND is non-toxic but still makes bigger, stronger bubbles!

Now you can try to colorful bubbles too and just dip & blow!  You can purchase these amazing fubbles online by just goggling the name, visiting their website  or if you are an Amazon lover like I am, you can find them there!

Check them out for hours of fun!!

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