Tuesday, February 12, 2013

DIY Valentines's Day Projects

Can you think of anything more heart warming then getting a handmade craft from your little ones on holidays? 

Valentines day is just around the corner and what could be better then sending a little LOVE with these fun and creative projects from your favorite little Valentine.  There are lots of options that nannies and parents a like can find on the Internet when it comes to DIY holiday crafts. 

VIP Nannies have made the search a bit simpler for you.  We sought out some fun and creative ways to say, “I love you,” that are relatively simple to create and even better, easy to clean up!

Here is a list of websites with pictures and examples of our favorite activities.

Looking to make your basic card?

This site has cardboard stamping that gives you the opportunity to not only recycle but make something that looks FABULOUS!

If you are not into glue-guns and scissors you can also make stamps out of pipe cleaners or foods like potatoes, carrots and even gummies.   Here are some fun little gift bags that would be fun for the kids and relatively simple to make.

If you are a little more adventurous and your charges are a bit older here is an activity for you!  Everyone has old broken crayons laying around in boxes somewhere because what kid really loves using “old” crayons right?  Well here is a way you can use those old broken crayons and create a heart shaped gift that takes “old “ and turns it into something new!

Here is a website that has TONS of activities that we love love love! It also is a great resource for other activities for younger preschool aged children!

Spread the LOVE!!!

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