Friday, January 18, 2013

Paying Your Nanny Legally

For years I have been sharing with parents the importance of paying your nanny legally, a.k.a "on-the-books." I refer our VIP families to Breedlove and Associates for multiple reasons:

1.  I personally know the Breedlove Family and they're great!
2.  I believe in their service and the feedback from our client's is, "It's so easy to use."
3.  They know what they are talking about- some business managers & accounts don't know, understand, or keep up-to-date on the ever changing household staffing industry.
4. There website is user friendly and their service is VERY affordable.

In 2012 I hired a nanny for my son so I could go back to work.  I immediately called Breedlove and asked them to walk me through the steps and educate me on "Nanny Payroll Tax," as they have been doing for our clients for years.  All my reasons (listed above) for using Breedlove and Associates were heightened.

Fast Forward to today, January 2013, tax season is around the corner.  I just received all the necessary documents, with an explanation for each document from Breedlove to give to my accountant.  Confirmation yet again- there service is PRICELESS.  I (and my accountant) thank you!

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