Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Must Haves for the Pregnant Mommy

Here are a list of things EVERY Pregnant Mommy MUST haves:

Bra extender: A lifesaver AND a money saver.

Temperpedic Slippers: These are the most comfortable,
well-made, supportive slippers for everyone.

Black "maternity" Leggings with stretch band:
I recommend purchasing some from
"A Pea in the Pod".

Black yoga pants/capris: You can wear these during and after pregnancy.
The Gap and Old Navy ONLINE have great quality pants/capris.
I repeat, ONLINE, because not all Gap and Old Navy stores
carry maternity wear.

If you are an avid reader, here are some books that I thought
were helpful:

Baby 411: Purchase this book BEFORE you create your baby
registry or purchase any baby items.

"The Contented Little Baby Book": This was recommended to
me by 2 of our VIP baby nurses.

"Dude You're Going to be a Daddy" the book: My mother-in-law bought this for my husband the day we announced we were
pregnant, and my husband started reading it immediately. This
book is written by a man for men. My husband knew what was happening to me at various stages in my pregnancy before I did.
I think it really empowered him to understand the past 9 months
and it saved us from numerous arguments.

Visit your local accupunturist and/or chiropractor. After just
one visit, I walked and slept much more comfortably. If you are
in the Los Angeles area,
I prefer The Berlin Wellness Group, www.doctorberlin.com.
If you are in the Central Coast area,
I prefer www.drdavidmarquis.com

Get a prenatal Massage: Get at least two during your 9 months
of pregnancy. Every mom deserves a little relaxation.
Plus research shows your baby will benefit in multiple
ways from a prenatal massage too!

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