Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Book EVERY Expecting Parent Should Own

The new book ALL all parents, baby nurses, nannies, and baby planners must read:

This book has EVERYTHING there is to know about baby gear. The book, without bias,
reviews & rates every kind of baby gear you can imagine.

I'm a little OCD about harmful chemicals and trying to keep my home as GREEN as possible. So, when I was searching for a new crib and dresser, I read every review of every crib in the book- literally. Of course, I asked a handful of nannies and baby nurses what cribs they did (or did not recommend), and all their recommendations aligned with what the reviews in BABY BARGAINS had to say.

I did not read BABY BARGAINS in hopes to find the best "deal" on baby products. I read the book to find the best quality products on the market. For example, a crib that one of our VIP clients uses for their new baby cost $1500, and they have had nothing but problems with this particular crib and (according to the nanny) the customer service for this particular brand has been a "nightmare." BABY BARGAINS gives this brand a "C-rating". (A= BEST, F= WORST)
Three other VIP clients have purchased a different crib which retails for $400 and each client (separately) raved about their purchase. The nannies had positive reviews as well. BABY BARGAINS gives this particular brand an "A-rating".

If you know a mommy who is expecting, especially a 1st time mom, this book is an invaluable resource! The cool thing is, the book updates every year to stay on tops of the ever changing baby market- new brands, new designs, new products, etc. BABY BARGAINS is all you need!!!

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