Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nanny Agency Owners Pet Peeves

1. Applicants who ONLY email their resume. No introductory letter, no “Hello, my name is...”, no picture, JUST a resume.

AGENCY ADVICE: It doesn’t have to be long but a simple paragraph, or a few sentences, that include: your name, your phone number, your current employment status, why you are contacting the agency, and any other information you would share when introducing yourself to a stranger. Note: Do not make this a long-letter, a few sentences are sufficient.

2. Nannies who “change their mind” simply due to salary AFTER being presented to a family or going on an interview with prospective family.

After the agency has thoroughly explained the jobs description AND salary AND benefits, the nanny goes on the interview, and after the interview the nanny calls the agency to say, “I crunched the numbers, and the salary being offered is not enough. Do you think they can pay a little more? Or offer more hours?”

AGENCY ADVICE: You KNEW the job description, salary, benefits, ect. Crunch the numbers prior to being sent on an interview. Crunch numbers and thoroughly consider the position being offered to you PRIOR to going on an interview.

Note: If the agency calls you about a job, and you are not able to give 100% attention to the agency owner or representative on the line regarding a job description they are calling you about, simply ask if you can call them back at a different time.

After you have been on an interview NEVER contact the agency and say, “I know they (referring to the family) can afford to pay me a higher salary…” NEVER!

3. Respond IN A TIMELY MANNER to the agency in the form of communication they have reached out to you.

  • If the agency calls you about a job or has a question call them back.
  • If the agency sends you an email, email them back.
  • Nothing is more annoying than calling a nanny, leaving a voicemail, and her responding via email.

AGENCY ADVICE: Don’t text message an agency. (Unless given permission.)

4. Don’t expect to earn more money than you did at your last job.

This is an industry like any other. You have to work your way to the top. Let me repeat WORK your way to the top! If you earned $15/hr. at your last job, don’t come to the agency asking for$20/hr.

AGENCY ADVICE: We are all on a budget. Have a reasonable salary range in mind when you apply with an agency and/or a particular job

5. Be a team player.

Congratulations! You just landed a new job. You MUST be a team player. The following are 2 recent stories why nannies lost their positions (shortly after being hired):

1. Mother asked nanny to sweep the kitchen floor. Nanny responded, “I did it yesterday.”

AGENCY ADVICE: There is NO REASON not to sweep the kitchen floor and be a TEAM PLAYER. If you have one child in your arms and another tugging at your leg, let the mother know you’ll get to it when the kids are occupied (nap time, eating lunch, doing arts and crafts, at school, ect.) But there is no need not be a team player as long as request are within reason….Better yet, take the initiative instead of having to be asked.

2. Mother asked nanny to take the child for a stroller ride around the park in the afternoon. Nanny responded, “We already went for long stroll this morning. I think we should stay around the house.” …the truth came out later, that the nanny was “too tired”

AGENCY ADVICE: Unless going for a stroller ride is going to harm the baby, go for a stroller ride. Being a nanny is not a job for lazy people- it’s for energetic, active, positive people. If you’re lazy don't become a nanny. Simple as that. Mom’s request is NOT unreasonable.

6. ALWAYS Keep Your Cell Phone Charged. ALWAYS!

Whether you are looking for your next nanny position or you have been working for the same family for years, ALWAYS keep your cell phone charged. There are no excuses for your employer not to get ahold of you- especially if you are caring for their children.

AGENCY ADVICE: You should maintain a car charger in your car (or the nanny/family car) at all times. Parents (and agency owners) should ALWAYS be able to get ahold of you.

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