Sunday, October 16, 2011

Shop Local, Buy Local

How important is it to you to "support your local business" or "shop local/buy local"?

The other night VIP Nannies was invited to a private party at the Dermalogica store in Santa Monica, CA. I have had the privledge of hearing Jane Wurwand, the owner/founder of Dermalogica speak at many Step-Up Women's Network ( events, but it wasn't until last night standing in her presence, INSIDE her flagship store, where I was hit overwhelmed with inspiration.

Jane had many enlightening, motivational, and educational things to say. But one thing really hit me: ALL Dermalogica products are made in the U.S.A. They are all made in Los Angeles, and shipped to 86 countries worldwide.

Today in the media, we hear A LOT about business being shipped outside the U.S.A, aka "outsourcing" and Americans losing their jobs to "outsourcing." Jane knows it would be less expensive to "outsource" but she choose's not to. She choose to support the country which has supported her and her family for decades.

In support of Jane Wurwand and Dermalogica I purchased a few skin care products that night for myself and our office manager. We both have seen dramatic results in our skin and it's only been a few days. Not only are these locally made products, they are wonderfully made AND work!!

The majority of women (and men) use skin care products everyday. Do you know where you're skin care products are made? Where they are from? It's time to make a change and SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL (skin care) BUSINESS, DERMALOGICA!

Thank you to Mrs. Wurwand, your family, and your team for keeping Americans employed!

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