Monday, June 11, 2012

Happiest Baby on the Block Equals Happy Mama too

Today I had the privilege of listening to Dr. Harvey Karp, author the The Happiest Baby on the Block, give a presentation at the PLUSH event in downtown LA.  My husband and I watched The Happiest Baby on the Block DVD prior to having our son, Chase.  Since day one we have used Dr. Karp's "5 S's" to calm Chase when he begins to fuss, and his method works!

During Dr. Karp's Q&A today many parents had questions regarding sleep-training, "how to" get their baby to sleep and/or sleep through the night.  After almost every question, Dr. Karp's response would be "do you use white noise?"  At one point Dr. Karp described what white noise sound like and what it is NOT.  White noise is NOT ocean waves, streams, birds, etc. (At which point a lightbulb went on in my head!) White noise IS simply white noise, as he proceeded to make a sound as to what white noise should sound like.

For the past few weeks my husband and I have been using "ocean waves" as Chase's white noise.  But tonight when I put him down to bed I changed his iPod to what Dr. Harvey Karp described as "real"white noise, and I kid-you-not, within a few minutes of playing the "real" white noise Chase was asleep in my arms AND he did not wake up as frequently in the middle of the night.  Happiest Baby on the Block equals Happy Mama too!

THANK YOU Dr. Harvey Karp for your words of wisdom!

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