Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Babies First Class

For the past few weeks my son Chase & I have been attending Jackie Rosenberg's "Babies First Class" in Sherman Oaks, CA.  
For years, mom's and VIP clients all over Los Angeles have been talking about "Jackie's class."  One mom told me I had to sign up for Jackie's class during my 1st trimester of pregnancy or I would not get in.  So I did.  I wanted to see what all the hype was about.
Needless to say I love the class! There are no bells & whistles, but every week I look forward to seeing my new mommy (and daddy) friends and their babies (all of whom were born within one-month of Chase's birthday.)
Each week I learn something new:

  • Week #1 We learned a handful of new interactive songs we can sing to our babies.
  • Week #2 I learned more about breastfeeding, how to wean your baby off the breast to bottle, and that the carseat is for the car (not to carry your child in). So... I started using my Ergo baby carrier much more!
  • Week #3 I learned about sleep training.  This can be a very sensitive issue for some parents, therefore Jackie addresses each mommy/daddy individually on the subject if they so desire.  She gave me two tips that I implemented the day after class and HOORAY! Chase is now sleeping 11pm to 7am.
  • Week #4  I learned from Jackie, a former occupational therapist, that the "Bumbo Seat" is one of the best marketed products but one of the worst "seats" on the market for children.  It's bad for the spine and abdomen.  I was also informed of the recall in Europe regarding the BAN and the ever so popular "Sophie Giraffe" teething product.  The original article published in German:
In English:
With that being said, I went home and threw Sophie away.  Better safe then sorry.  If you know anything about toxic chemicals in children products, you may know that Europe and Australia's safety standards are much more strict than those in the U.S.A.

So far, half way throughout our 10-week session I am very thankful for the friends we have made and the knowledge Jackie has given to her students.  If each week I come home with 1 (or more) nuggets of information the class is totally worth it!

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