Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rainy Day Activities for Nannies and Parents in LA

It rarely rains in sunny, Los Angeles, California but the weather reports predict rain for the next few days- What's a nanny to do? Here are a few places throughout Los Angeles where you & your charges can go to stay dry (and get you out of the house):

1. The Peterson Automotive Museum,
This is a wonderful place to take children of any age. The top floor is dedicated to children. A great place to schedule a play date.

2. Giggle N' Hugs,
Restaurant and indoor play-space. Good for children 4 and under.

3. The Playroom,
Great, clean LARGE indoor playroom. Pack snacks and/or lunch- it's a great place to schedule a play date.

4. The Tree House Social Club,
Fun, clean, indoor play space, restaurant. Great for children of all ages. Open Mon.-Thurs. and closed Fri., Sat., Sun. for private parties and events.

*All these locations are VIP Nanny approved. Do you know another great spot to go on a rainy day? Shoot us an email


  1. Hi,

    Its a good suggestion and a nice place to start my day without getting my shoes wet...thanks for the post

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  2. Peterson is always a treat, rain or shine! Don't forget to add LACMA, just across Wilshire Boulevard is a great place, especially their fashion retrospective at the Resnick Pavilion that covers the evolution of clothing from the 1650-1900. Lots of fun colors and patterns and a good history lesson as well!