Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Professional Nannies in High Demand

This past month when many families are traveling to their vacation homes for the summer, the "nanny biz" is typically quite slow. Well not this past July. We have had job orders from Santa Barbara, throughout Los Angeles, and down to San Diego all needing to hire household help.

The trend is that professional, quality, experienced nannies are getting jobs faster than ever. There are many qualities of a Professional nanny. Here are a few qualities of a professional nanny:

1. Has a passion for children. You cannot fake passion. Here at VIP Nannies Inc. in Studio City we interview nannies on a daily basis. Some phone interviews and some in-person interviews. When a nanny is passionate about her job it comes out in her/his actions- her excitement to find the next family to work for, her thankfulness for her last position, the qualities and characteristics that make her a fabulous nanny. PASSION is not superficial. It's real and genuine!

2. College Educated. Whether this is a Master Degree in Education or an AA in Child Development. Having extended education, beyond high school, is a quality of many professional nannies.

3. Has Professional Resume. I cannot repeat this enough. There are many online website that can help create a professional resume. Have a professional resume ready at all times, and update your resume after every job whether temporary or full-time.

4. Experience. This may seem like a "no brainer" but the truth is VIP Nannies only represents nannies who have 4+ years of PROFESSIONAL, and I mean PROFESSIONAL, nanny experience. We do not accept applicants who are looking to make a career change.

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