Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sunscreen 101: Tips from the Experts

Sunscreen 101:

  • If using a sunscreen lotion, use 1 full oz (a whole shot glass!). If you use only 1/2 that, you take your SPF down by 75%. Yikes.

  • Did you know physical sunscreen is best? Physical = zinc oxide & titanium dioxide & is best for sensitive skin & young infants. Forms a monolayer on the surface of the skin & deflects the UV rays immediately upon application. Less potential for irritation & b/c it's active immediately, there's no window of opportunity for UV damage to occur while waiting for it to ramp up
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  • Have fun in the sun…and remember your ABCs:

    A = Away. Stay away from the sun in the middle of the day.

    B = Block. Use SPF 30+ sunscreen.

    C = Cover up. Use a T-shirt and hat, and look for SPF-infused clothing

    S = Speak Out. Talk to family and friends about sun protection.

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