Monday, May 3, 2010

A Warning to Parents about Internet Childcare Sites

In the past week a male nanny, in New York has been accused of sexually assaulting a 5 year-old boy in Morningside Heights, the Manny advertised on two Internet sites, and

Nannies are seemingly everywhere today. With these tips, you will understand why more parents are choosing to use local Nanny Referral Agency’s to find the perfect nanny:

1. Local Agency’s provide guidance and counseling throughout the entire process and follow-up with each family after they hire a nanny. Most agencies provide families with tax information, work agreements, benefits, and guidelines for hiring. Online sites do not.

2. Local Agency’s have minimum eligibility requirements, previous childcare experience, and conduct in-person interviews with ALL candidates. Online sites do not have any requirements; anyone can post anything because they are not monitored.

3. Local Agency’s provide through background checks including references, criminal, driving, all done FOR you. Online sites do not conduct through background checks, they require each family to conduct their own.

4. Local Agency’s SAVE YOU TIME and your time is worth money! Instead of having to read hundreds of applications, spend hours on the phone with candidates, do reference and background checks, agencies do it for you. All you have to do is personally interview a select group of candidates. Online sites have family’s look through hundreds of potential names and weed through them to get to a few that might be right.

5. Local Agency’s conduct an in-depth analysis of your needs, a nanny's needs and whether or not it would be a good match. Our philosophy and goal is to identify candidates that not only meet the requirements for the job but will also be a lifestyle match for your family. We are the experts! Online sites do not.

A trustworthy nanny is a valuable investment, remember that you get what you pay for and a nanny agency is invaluable in saving you time. After all, when your children are being taken care of by a stranger, you want to feel comfortable leaving them in her/his care.

VIP Nannies & Household Staffing is the premier nanny placement agency in Los Angeles, California. VIP Nannies prides itself in providing professionals of the highest caliber to all our families. Whether placing nannies, baby nurses, personal assistants, housekeepers, or chefs, VIP Nannies & Household Staffing is known for having the best candidate’s in the industry. For information to find a reliable nanny agency in your area, please visit the International Nanny Association website,

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