Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy Holiday's!!!

F.A.Q's regarding the Holidays:

Q. What is typical bonus for a nanny?
A. One weeks salary- cash.

Q. Bonus vs. Gift?
A. Some family's give a bonus and a small gift. Some just give a gift, some just give a bonus. Depending upon how long your nanny has been working for you, here are some gift ideas:
-Gym membership
-Gift certificate to a spa for a massage and/or facial (your nanny deserves some pampering too)
-Gift Certificate to the movies, Starbucks/Coffee Bean, or a local restaurant
-New cell phone
-New Sunglasses
-New Hand-Bag
-Have your kids make her/him something personal (perhaps from Color Me Mine)
-May sound crazy, but I have known some family's to buy their nanny a New Car
* You know your nanny best. What are his/her hobbies and give a gift accordingly.

Q. If we travel do we need to pay our nanny?
A. It depends on what you and the nanny agreed to upon hire. My answer is yes- when you travel (without your nanny) she/he still needs to be paid her/his typical weeks salary.

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